Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A beginning....

So today I tread into unfamiliar waters.  I have read many, many blogs, but have never tried my hand at one of my own.  I can't promise you'll love everything I post,  but I will always try to keep it interesting and if possible, injected with humor.  Why humor AND flowers?  Because when something makes me laugh, even a little bit, I remember it better.  But the main goal is to hopefully discuss new ideas, introduce new concepts, and post beautiful pictures of flowers. 
I don't know how much I will get posted this week as I just gained a last minute wedding added to the 2 weddings and 1 birthday party I am already working on this weekend. Oh yeah, and it's ALSO homecoming.  Do I love being busy- yes!  Do I love when someone's lack of planning turns into an emergency- No!  Do I love flexible customers- Yes!  Do I love when it rains the weekend of an outdoor wedding- NO!.   Here's to hoping the rain holds off this weekend for all of the brides with outdoor wedding venues!!  Until I post again....:)

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