Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wedding Planning tips...Part 2

Here's some tips especially for the Bride.  You are probably planning this major party/event for the first time ever in your life.  Whether it's for 30 or 300 people it's alot of coordination and planning!

1. Get Organized.  I cannot tell you how important this is.  All the little details can get overlooked very quickly if you're not on top of everything.

2. Find Team Bride.  You may (or may not) have a mother, sister, etc to help you but please find someone to accompany you to the various meetings, help you organize your schedule, knock out your To-Do List, etc when your fiance is unable to go. 

3. The Planner.  As in person not thing.  Choose someone who is NOT already in the wedding party to oversee all of the deliveries, pick ups, last minute details, finding the wandering Great Aunt during picture time, etc. I highly recommend a paid consultant, they don't get flustered,  so a much better chance they can handle just about anything that happens.

4. Pamper Yourself.  Get a massage on rehersal day.  Trust me- it's the best investment you'll make.  A relaxed bride is a happy bride.

5. ER Kit.  Aspirin, sewing stuff, tissues, tampons, heck, even a bottle of wine.  Make sure you prepare for anything that may come that day.

6. Glam Plan.  This is one of the biggest days of your life.  You will be photographed ALOT.  Make appointments with your hair stylist and make up artist well in advance of the wedding.  Do a run through.  They are professionals but not mind readers.  The best way to ensure you acheive the look you want mirrored in those photos is to practice in advance.

7. Educate.  Sometimes your Maid/Matron/Person of Honor has never been closely involved in a wedding.  Give them a heads up of what you need them to help you with on your big day...ex. your train.  They need to fluff, straighten, etc during the ceremony, hold your bouquet, hold the ring etc.

8. Remember Him.  Those last two weeks before the wedding are going to stretch everyone's patience thin.  You will probably bicker and fight more than you did in the beginning.  Stop, breathe and remember this wonderful person you are marrying and make time to say how much you love and appreciate them. 

9. Don't Cry.  There will probably be something, whether small or large scale that will not go as planned on the big day.  It happens to every bride, at every wedding.  Keep in mind when you wake up on your wedding day you cannot change or control anything from this moment on.  Roll with the punches and enjoy yourself- the day goes by FAST.

10. Cake Face.  Whether you plan to slam dunk that cake in your groom's face or not, please talk over this moment with your groom and stick to the game plan.  I had the opportunity in college to put on a "mock" wedding and I did get the cake shoved in my face.  Not fun. I had icing in my eyelashes and chunks of cake up my nostrils.  Really not fun.  Had it been my actual wedding day, in a very expensive dress, with professional hair and make up...I would have been furious to say the least. 

There are probably numerous tips I could post but these were among the top ten for brides

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