Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Delivery tips

As of the 2010 Census, there were 78,000 people living in Frederick County.  I can not even begin to list how many businesses there are in Frederick county, but if you flip through the yellow pages, there are many.  That is why it is vitally important to give us as much correct information as possible as to the address where you would like your arrangement delivered.  As much as we would like to assist every customer, we simply cannot look up that information for you.  It would be much like taking all your holiday cards to the post office without addresses and asking them to look everything up for you.  
We may hire extra drivers during the holidays, some will be more familiar with certain areas of the county and city than others, however, it is impossible to know and memorize every person working at every business. For example, Valley Health employs hundreds if not thousands of employees, some which rotate between medical facilities and medical buildings.  This is why we need a phone number, department name, job title, etc.  We have to be able to track that person down should they leave early, be out to lunch, or in some instances share a similar name with another employee at that location. 
Correct physical addresses, including company name, suite/floor #, department name, phone number etc is vital.   Correct home addresses are equally important as well as cell phone numbers for recipients.  Most people work outside the home during the day. And many of the houses in the county are not marked with a house number.  The number is on the mail box, possibly in a grouping of mailboxes that sit at the bottom of a long drive with many houses on it.  These are just some examples of difficulties that can occur when we try to deliver your flower arrangement in a timely manner.

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