Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Tips and Info just for you!

A few holiday tips and info:

1. Poinsettias are NOT poisonous.  They are NOT.  Every year this myth persists but it's simply not true.  Granted, I wouldn't substitute Poinsettia leaves for lettuce on my BLT, but you won't die. 

2. Holly berries rarely grow on the very tip of the plant branch.  Much to florists' frustrations, the berries usually grow about mid way up the stem.  Holly berries ARE POISONOUS and should not be consumed.

3. Mistletoe berries ARE POISONOUS. Also this plant is hard to find and most florists don't carry the fresh variety because of availability and cost. 

4. Your florist's hands are going to be black from pine sap.  We don't have a contagious disease, I promise.  We wear gloves to protect our hands from the sap (which turns black and is extremely hard to get off). But with answering phones, waiting on customers, computer work, sometimes the gloves come off and we hustle back to work without them.  Olive oil, lava soap, and the mechanic's orange soap are great at getting (most of) the sap off.  They also dry out our skin to the point where it cracks and bleeds.  The less glamourous part of the floral industry for sure.  Most of us lather up with vaseline, bag balm or other moisturizers and put socks over our hands before we go to bed at night. 

5. Flowers do not like temperatures below 36 degrees.  Fresh flowers are comprised of  mostly water, water freezes at 32 degrees. 

6. Flowers also do not like 80 degree living rooms and direct sunlight.  Either one of these elements speeds up the life cycle of fresh flowers.  Try to keep your fresh flowers in a cooler room and away from heat ducts, radiators, and windows.

7.  With all of the instant messaging, texting, etc in the world today, your internet order card message more than likely won't be edited.  If you write it, we print it.  We are under the assumption you want the message to say "I L U  TC TTYL- Snickkers"  Maybe you call each other pet names and if we correct the spelling, then we're in trouble for editing.  Please proofread your messages before you hit "Next" or "Continue" on the order screens.

8.  To keep your flowers fresh, if in a vase, change water completely every day, at the minimum every other day with fresh clean water.  No aspirin, sugar, bleach, pennies, sprite, etc.  Just clean H2O.  If your flowers are arranged in a a container, add water to the arrangement everyday.  The best way is to add water at the lip of the container so the oasis floral foam will soak up the water like a sponge.

Have a great holiday season!!

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