Thursday, November 12, 2015

American vs European wrapped bouquets

The American fresh flower wrapped bouquet consists of an assortment of flowers, laid down on tissue, paper, cellophane or other decorative wrap material.  The flowers are laid so that they are displayed out the top of the wrap, the stems are left long for the recipient to cut to desired length later.  Also called "presentation style" bouquets, they are often given at awards ceremonies or other special occasions, but are still suitable for "just because" occasions.  This style of bouquet works best for the recipient who likes to style their own flowers in one or multiple vases. 

European Hand-Tied bouquets are the norm overseas but are typically not requested as often in the US.  Visually shorter than their American styled cousin, we have used the same amount of flowers, designed in our hand, tied off at the binding point, stems cut short.  These bouquets are "Ready -To- Party" and upon receipt, a quick re-snip of stems can be literally dropped into the recipient's vase and provide an instant professionally designed arrangement. 

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