Friday, November 2, 2012

When a floral designer marries...Part 1

I recently remarried in August and deciding on flowers for my OWN event was even more stressful then planning my client's weddings.  Why?  Because I knew the expectation for the wedding flowers was pretty big.   For example, If you went to Betty Crocker's house for dinner and she cooked a bad meal, you wouldn't be real impressed now would you?  I had plenty of color and flower choices at my fingertips, but it was hard to narrow down my decision.  I love ALL colors  and pretty much any flower.  The other factor? I didn't want to work myself to death for a small wedding just to impress people but still wanted things to have my style and be beautiful.  After I got my dress, and the wedding was booked for the beautiful George Washington Hotel, going vintage seemed to make sense.
I chose to go bold and dark.  The roses in my bouquet are actually "Black Magic"...a very dark velveety maroon rose...(this is why a good photographer is a MUST)  Julie (Julie Napear Photography) was able to bring all the subtle colors of my bouquet into sharp focus.  Dark red Dahlias, dark purple mini callas, dark red Ti leaves, red Leucadendron foliage, red Kangaroo Paw, chocolate cosmos and accents of Lavender (herb) are all beautifully captured. ( All photos in this blog are courtesy of Julie Napear Photography
I wanted interest in the boutonnieres so I covered cardboard with fabric, wrapped with silver bouillion and added the red mokara orchids. 
I love simple, clean lines and high drama.  This is the lobby piece.  The lobby in the GW hotel is HUGE with high ceilings and marble.  Dark purple callas form a grid over "Black Magic" roses. 
Simple and funky for my sister-in-law who's still in high school.  Red aluminium wire, red glitter accents and white dendrobium orchids.  The wire is very flexible and can be bent around any size wrist...and it's alot prettier than the standard elastic wristband!

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