Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Luxembourg Royal Wedding flowers

Royals don't marry often, and when they do, it is hard to find great pictures of the flowers!  I have scoured the web looking for the best pics from several sources so here they are:
This is a pic of the happy couple at the reception prior to the civil ceremony.  The bouquet is pretty but I would've have liked to seen something more interesting.  Especially because the white flowers are overshadowing the pinks and other pastels.  Mixing white flowers with any other color is always tricky because white is the brightest color, your eyes are drawn to it automatically leaving the rest of the bouquet...well, lacking. 
This is a stunner of a bouquet.  Beautiful, simple...and expensive! White phalenopsis orchids are still on the exotic side of the orchid spectrum.  The cascade style compliments the dress perfectly and is designed more narrow and doesn't overpower the dress or the bride. 
Ceremony flowers for the Cathedral in oranges, peaches, ivories and whites.  Pretty traditional on the style but it IS a royal wedding so it's to be expected.   Mostly roses, lilies, alstroemeria and a few other flowers. 
Ugliest flower girl dresses EVER.  The color is pretty, and there are various ways to rock the aqua/mango colorscheme, but this is NOT it.  Maybe they're traditional garb, but the rest of the wedding party looks pretty modern.  I'm assuming, because I don't know, that the attendants don't carry flower bouquets because they have to carry the royal length train.  Love the dress color and style on them.  The flower baskets....heavy and boring.   A fully soaked block of oasis floral foam weighs at least a pound, add in flowers, basket, greenery....that's a lot of weight to carry around.  I'm hoping these are handtied bouquets just situated in those baskets without the aid of foam for the little girls' sakes. 
That's the way to fill a big ceremony room!  Holy cow that's alot of baby's breath and greenery!  I can only imagine how many hours the designers went without sleep to get this all done.  Literally. 
Here's a side view to get a better perception on just HOW much work and flowers were involved to make this cathedral gorgeous.

The car is even decorated....and I'm not sure but that looks like green hydrangea and white hydrangea blooms.
Look above this couple's head!~!! WOW.
I really have no words...that's a TON of roses in the background.  Would love to see the "Before & After" pics of this room if they exist.
I almost missed the centerpieces in this picture...mainly because they're smooshed between the mirror and table.  Granted there are a ton of flowers in the room already, but personally, I feel the centerpieces are a little lack-luster. 
There was a small pic of the civil ceremony bouquet, but it wasn't very clear so I didn't post it.  If I find a better pic I'll add it in later!


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