Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Infidelity, Anonymity orders in a flower shop

    Infidelity orders...This occurs many times in the course of the year in a retail flower shop.  More often than what people realize.  That scene from "Valentine's Day" where the the husband buys flowers for his wife and his mistress...commonplace business transactions for florists, jewelers, etc.  
It's unfortunate but it boils down to being just a business transaction in the floral industry.  If the Florist takes any action to notify the "wronged party", they face possible lawsuits.  It's an ugly side of business but it's a part of the business day regardless if we (the florist's) like it or not.
The humorous side?  When someone forgets that their current wife is the joint account holder on the debit/credit card they used to purchase flowers for another women.  (or vice versa)
    Anonymous senders pose much the same headaches if not more so.  Why?  Because Murphy's Law declares anytime someone receives flowers from an unknown source, their mind automatically draws a blank.  Or they assume the worst- they have a stalker. Even if they should know it's simply their husband or boyfriend sending the flowers, 9 out of 10 times the recipient will call asking who the sender is.  When the sender doesn't want to be known, we cannot disclose that information.  No amount of begging or pleading will alter this.  Again, liability reasons.  If you have a legitimate stalker issue- call the police.  If a policeman shows up at my shop, then and ONLY then, will I release the sender's info.  I don't enjoy enforcing this policy, and have had numerous people yell at me over the phone because of it.  I don't enjoy being yelled at either, especially when I've done nothing wrong. 
   If you receive flowers either anonymously or from someone you don't wish to receive flowers from, don't hand them back to the delivery person.  We are simply the messenger service, we've been hired to make and deliver flowers..that's it.  You wouldn't throw a letter back in the mailman's face just because it's from someone you don't like would you?  Our suggestion, if you really don't want the flowers, give them to someone else to enjoy.  A neighbor, your child's teacher, drop them off at a nursing home or hospital.  The flowers should be enjoyed by someone, even if it's not the intended recipient.
   The main reason I posted about this subject?  No matter who I've come into contact with, no one ever believes situations like "Valentine's Day" really happen in real life.  They do.

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