Monday, October 15, 2012

October 13th Wedding weekend

 I really fell in love with the flowers and colors with this past weekends' wedding.  This is the bridal bouquet of the purple kale, the beautiful orchids, gorgeous 'Milva' roses accented with red/orange hypericum was definitely one of my favorites.  These are a few pictures I took with my phone, so the colors are not done the justice they should have, looking forward to getting the photographer's pics to share soon.
 Cake layers accented by flowers of the wedding.

 The GORGEOUS George Washington Hotel Ballroom Mantle... I love decorating this mantle and have done so for many weddings, events and shows.  Every time is different from the last.  This bride in particular gave me the freedom to decorate it with enough product to showcase the mantle and mirror effectively. 

 The table linens were fun and and the color is a very pretty orange (again, the difference between a phone pic and a photographer's camera is vast)
 A close up of one of the centerpieces.  Orange and purple are great fall colors!
The bride's lanterns surrounded by groupings of flowers connected by bear grass.  This is one way to get the circular feel of a flower wreath without the heaviness of an actual "wreath" or "halo" of greenery.  It was simple, clean and lightweight. 

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