Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crazy Tulips

DAY 1:Tulips don't always arrive standing straight up.  A lot of the time they are bent over or have curved stems.  This is not an indication that they are not good quality.  Tulips do many quirky things, especially when temperatures change and they are left out of water. 

DAY 2:  Already this tulip has started to lengthen and straighten.  I have left this tulip on my desk starting at day 1 and will continue to do so. I hope by showing these pics, our customers will understand a little more about the nature of certain flowers, and allowing these flowers to blossom and do what nature intended instead of try to keep them in one constant unbloomed state.

DAY 3: Curving and stretching of stem cells is at it's peak.  The stem cells in tulips continually elongate them selves and curve, creating crazy lines in arrangements.  Also, as a side note, every morning approx. 2" of water was gone from this vase....this is just 1 flower, imagine how much a vase full of flowers drinks!

Day 4 upward momentum

More pics to follow!

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