Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Insanity of Proms on Mother's Day Weekend

Prom should never be scheduled on the same weekend as Mother's Day for the following reasons:

1.) It's MOTHER'S DAY.  It should about Mom, not about Mom running her butt off to get son/daughter ready for prom.

2.) See #1, and, if son/daughter is out really late Saturday night, they will not be getting up early to spend the day with Mom.

3.) again with #1, if son/daughter is involved in a car accident, Mom may be getting the worst phone call of her life at 2am.

4.) Mother's day is the Number #1 holiday for many retailers- Florists especially.  Not everyone has a lover, but everyone has a Mother. Whether still among the living or deceased, they are recognized with flowers. Many people take their mothers out for dinner that weekend.  I, along with other area florists had to stop taking prom orders last year- literally turning away money because we physically can't design that many orders. Corsages and boutonnieres take twice as long to make as a standard arrangement.  How many area kids went to prom without flowers? How sad for them! How many couldn't get a dinner reservation? Again, very disappointing.   And if you're wondering why we don't work later, we do.  My design team were here very late Thursday and Friday. It was after midnight when I got home Thursday night.   We can't work 24 hours around the clock. Sorry, but we can't. We need food and sleep to function too.

5.) If the students going to prom attend different schools and both proms are scheduled for the same night- that makes attending both proms very difficult.

6.) I really don't need any more reasons, the above 5 are all very good reasons.  Hopefully the schools will plan accordingly for next year. This florist, along with the other florists in this town, and parents would really appreciate it.

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