Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why choose a professional floral designer?....

Why you should use a professional florist for your wedding or special event:

We are professionals.  We design flowers every day, all day, for many occasions.  This is not a “hobby” for us.  We have spent years in college or other floral design programs, and also have industry accreditations that back up our expertise in floral design.  (see, the American Institute of Floral Designers)
  1. We know the inside scoop on flower growing conditions/availability.   We talk to our suppliers on a daily basis.  Emails, Texts, Phone conversations.  We will know when a particular flower is not available due to drought, flooding, insects, crop problems, etc.  and are able to plan accordingly.We also know how long it will take to get this:
     to look like this: 
  2. You want to know the person designing your flowers has done this before.   A professional floral designer has designed numerous wedding bouquets, centerpieces; in every imaginable color scheme and style. 
  3. Designing flowers is time consuming and labor intensive.  The industry average from start to finish for a small arrangement is 15-20 minutes.  Imagine the complexity of a bridal bouquet.  Now you are talking 30-60 minutes depending on style and flowers.  This is for a professional to design it.  If you plan on DIY, double those numbers.  Then add all the centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, etc into the time total and you may be looking at 1-2 days of designing.  Do you have that kind of time prior to your wedding day? Probably not.  Professionals know how to schedule their work load to accommodate designing multiple weddings, adding staff and working extended hours to make sure everything is ready for you special day.  
  4. We will tell you Silk a.k.a. Permanent Botanicals will cost the same or more than their fresh counterparts.   Why? If you want realistic looking flowers, that will photograph well, than you will want top quality silk flowers.  The cheaper the flower, the cheaper it will look in your pictures.   We beg you to not go to the big-retailer-who-will-not-be-named and purchase cheap discount silks for your wedding day. 
  5. We know about budgets.  We do.  We want to give you the best possible wedding within a budget you are comfortable with.   We are here to make your life easier, not more stressful.
We really, really want you to be a repeat customer and refer us to your friends & family.  That is why every wedding is so important to us.  We see the big picture beyond the wedding day.  Your best friend’s wedding, your first anniversary, your first child, flowers for your table at the holidays.   Your decision to trust us to deliver beautiful flowers is our number one priority

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