Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh Martha, you've done it again...

So I decided to peruse Martha Stewart Weddings website to see what she's promoting this summer for weddings.  I found a link to "Affordable Wedding Centerpiece Ideas".  Overall I thought yes, some of the ideas were good, cost saving ideas.  Some ideas presented were deceiving, like this: the idea of using fresh clementines, oranges and kumquats is a great way to incorporate color on the table on the cheap, it takes a serious wrong turn when they suggest orchid blossoms, stephanotis blossoms, and gardenias.  Why? Stephanotis are a small quarter sized blossom that are sold individually for around $3-$4 per blossom.  Orchids, depending on what variety and size, can either be a great buy (dendrobium have multiple blossoms per stem at $6 per stem) or expensive (Cymbidium by the bloom, $9-$13 per bloom) and gardenias.  I LOVE the smell of gardenias.  But they are one of the most high maintenance flowers in existence.  They come packaged 3 blossoms per box, at around $25 per bloom.  And yes, you will have to buy all 3 in the box.  The oils from your skin will turn the petals brown so I strongly suggest latex gloves.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  What is great in theory is not so great in real life execution Martha.
 The next idea:
Carnations are inexpensive.  HOWEVER- this arrangement features approx. 75 stems (my best guess with looking at the size in comparison to the plates).  75 stems x $1.45 =$108.75.  That doesn't include labor and the container.  Is it a great use of a otherwise plain flower- yes. Great texture and color- YES.  Is it mildly deceptive- yes.  With labor and container (it does take quite the chunk of time to arrange 75 stems of anything) possible retail - $170-$185.  Can I design a similar look but scaled down in price -Absolutely.

And the last one:
"Mix inexpensive blooms like miniature daisies, doily-shaped Queen Anne's lace, and baby's breath to create a show-stopping centerpiece."
Hmm.  Well, yes those are inexpensive flowers. But no, this particular arrangement is not inexpensive.  I'm assuming most people would look at this and think it costs all of $35.  Could it be done more reasonably- yes of course.  But as shown- I would estimate around the $200 mark.  It's hard to see how many stems of those flowers is in it, but judging on what I can count, there are many, many stems and it is quite large.  Labor is also another factor here. 
I'm not writing this to depress you, mainly just to educate you on the reality of glamorous magazine photos you see online and in print. Ask us if we can modify, if we can design something in the same style/color scheme/flowers but at your budget. We can do that and more.  Just ask!

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