Thursday, September 8, 2016

Flower Ordering 101

First time ordering flowers? Not sure what to send?  This is a quick guide to help you navigate the flower shop:


Send flowers for no reason.  
Take flowers home on a Friday "just because".  
Always sign the card. Always
Ask the florist to help you pick the best flowers in stock that day.  
Tell the florist if there is a favorite color or flower you would like to incorporate
Have all the important address information ready when placing the order
 (street address and phone numbers), we operate just like the post office in that regard- no address no delivery.  
Call/Order ahead.  We can get just about any flower in with enough notice.  But they do have to be shipped from other states or countries, so please, give us as much notice as possible for special requests. 
Save yourself the aggravation and call a real florist, with a real address in the city you would like the flowers delivered.  

Send red roses unless you have exchanged "I love you" verbally. 
Send flowers anonymously.  It sets off "stalker alarm" and "stranger danger" panic mode.  It may also backfire on you.  Trust us. 
Use discounted websites with paid ads like "Only $19.99!"  "FREE same day delivery!".  They are not florists.  They take your money and turn around and call us, the REAL florists, to fill the order. AND they keep that whole "delivery charge" for themselves.
There are probably more but these are the basics

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