Thursday, October 27, 2016

Being Thankful

It's Autumn.  Fall leaves, pumpkin spice, sunflowers, wheat and other fun flowers fill our cooler on a daily basis.  We are surrounded by Halloween decor in the stores followed swiftly by Christmas decor.  Sometimes the Christmas comes to shelves prior to Halloween (!).  Anyway, the point is that Thanksgiving is getting overlooked like the middle child in a family of holidays.  This is sad.  Let's change that!

Be Thankful what is good in your life. If you have a tough time with finding something to be thankful for- the fact you are alive and breathing should be a good place to start. Life is short.  We, as florists, help others express their mourning through flowers every day.  We read the obituaries every day.  We travel to funeral homes to place flowers on top of and inside of caskets.   Florists have a healthy sense of mortality and are pretty happy to be alive.  You should be too-  So let's celebrate that!

Buy flowers for yourself!  Decorate your dinner table with a few choice blooms or an elegant centerpiece.  Dot the table with votive candle holders with a single small blossom for each guest to take home with them.  I did a variation of single stems of multi bloom alstroemeria for my dinner table one Thanksgiving- easy peasy!
Spread the happiness to someone else- everyone LOVES flowers.  Even just one stem of daisies can brighten someone's day.  This Thanksgiving make sure to bring flowers for your host or hostess.  It need not be something elaborate.  Just a few stems for them to enjoy after the festivities is all it takes. The gesture is always more important then the gift.  Let's be Thankful this November!


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