Monday, June 26, 2017

Ordering Flowers for a Funeral

If it is your first time ordering flowers for a funeral you are not alone.  Most people have not ordered flowers for a sad occasion until about their mid 30's- 40's, or later.    Here is a quick breakdown :

To order flowers for a funeral visitation (also called "family night" or viewing)
You have 2 main choices:
1. Traditional sympathy arrangement:

These can be an designed in any color combination and is appropriate for the viewing and to also go to the church for any services afterwards, and also to the graveside for those services as well.  On the left is called a Traditional Funeral basket, aka mache.  On the right is a Standing Spray aka Easel arrangement.

2. Home Sympathy arrangement or plant :

Both of the choices above are appropriate to go home with a family member after the visitation or service if they choose to do so.  If you would like a particular person to take the flowers home, this should be noted on the back of the card.  If you feel that it would be more convenient, you may also send either one of these options directly to the family's home.

Colors of Flowers:
Traditionally for a man's service, bolder primary colors are used (red, yellow, white, blue) and for a woman's service pastel colors (lavenders, pinks, whites, yellows)
If a company or group is sending the flowers, often the arrangement will coordinate with that group's colors.  (Ex. Local high school colors red and white are used for a faculty member's services)
If the person had a particular flower or color they loved you can most certainly ask to see if it can be incorporated or not.

Types of Flowers:
There are no "funeral flowers".  We hear this over and over, but all flowers in the commercially available universe have been used at one time or another in arrangements going to a funeral.  Some flower varieties have been more popular than others.  Everyone has a different opinion on what they consider "funeral looking flowers" As florists, we do not have this opinion.   If there is a flower you would rather us not use, please let us know.

Card Messages:
We always suggest simple is best.  If it is more than one sentence or two, you should really send a private card to the home address directly.   The enclosure cards we use are 2" x 2" and not suited for more words than that.  Suggestions for wording on cards:
In Deepest Sympathy,  In Loving Memory,  Our thoughts are with you,  Our thoughts and prayers are with you,  With Love.

I would not suggest using " during this difficult time" or "during this time of loss"  
It's redundant and generally overused.  "Thinking of you and Your family" however is most appropriate to use.

Card Message Signatures:
When signing the card message, brief and to the point is preferred. When signing for a large group of people shorten to "HR Dept of Blank Company" or "Everyone at Blank Company"
When it is a list of family members, brief and concise.  "The John and Jane Doe Family"
Every person does not need to be named.  Again, the card is 2"x2" and is simply to acknowledge the sender and a brief note.   Any passages, poems or lengthy phrases should be sent afterwards directly to the home on a note card.

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