Monday, July 10, 2017

A bouquet divided

One of my weddings this past weekend had a unique request concerning the bridal bouquet-

The bride wanted to carry the bouquet down the aisle, but upon reaching the altar wanted to split it in half so each of the junior bridesmaids would hold it during the ceremony.

This is actually trickier than it sounds as I design the bouquet in my hand, european style, so each stem is rotated around the center.  Normally, this style will allow the bouquet to stand perfectly upright if  placed on a solid surface, only balancing on the stem ends:

I was able to design two seperate bouquets and combine them with a mostly seamless appearance.   I would not suggest this for every wedding due to the level of difficulty in making two bouquets appear as one.  Not all combinations of flowers will allow this "blending" of two bouquets.  This instance I was very pleased with the result: 
 Finished bouquet underside

Side one

 Side Two

Whole Bouquet : 

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