Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This is how most of our Gerbera Daisies are delivered from our supplier.  In water and in vertical cardboard trays to help prevent damage. 
Once we remove them from the shipment box we have to take them out, one by one, recut and place them in a bucket of preservative with a tray lid on top.  The lid on top of the bucket allows each stem to stay upright and in water.  The "high-maintenance" handling on both ends of the supply chain, plus the lack of growers is attributing to the higher cost of Gerberas per stem then what we once experienced.  And it's pronounced ger-ber-a just like the baby food with an "a" on the end.  They come in 2 sizes, standard and mini.  The price is generally the same for either size ironically.  Color range is very broad, with mauve/lavender shades coming on the market.  No black or blue shades.  Availability is year round. 

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