Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday tips and tricks

Pine sap, which turns your hands black after it has dried, can be removed easily with hand sanitizer applied generously and wiped off with a paper towel before it dries on your hands.  Olive Oil is another liquid you can use to remove the sap. 

Change the water in your vase of cut flowers and greenery daily.  Especially those vases with pine sap, this is important.

Poinsettias are NOT poisonous.  Yes, if you eat it, or your pet eats it, it will probably make your stomach upset. 

Mistletoe IS Poisonous..to humans and animals...as is holly berries.

Centerpieces should have water added daily as well...this helps keep the oasis foam wet and keep your greenery looking fresh.  You can even spray the evergreens with water if you want.  Keep centerpieces away from heat, flame, and dry rooms.

Panty hose are great for adding the shine back to your decorative candles. Slip hose over your hand and run your hand over the candle.  Voila!

If you have a candle in your centerpiece- do not leave a burning candle unattended.  Clip any greenery that may interfere with the candle once it burns down.  Don't burn the candle down all the way, use only during a dinner then extinguish the flame. 

Poinsettias brightly colored "flowers" are actually brightly colored bracts, or leaves.  The actual "flower" is the yellow circular flower in the center of the bracts.

Flowers DO have a freezing point....32 degrees...do not place any fresh flowers in the freezer...EVER.

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