Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Las Vegas- "Savage Botanicals"

This program was presented at Symposium by Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD,PFCI, AzMF and each of the dresses was designed by a talented floral designer in the Arizona area: Melanie Burnett AIFD, Diane Gonzalez AIFD, Katherine Gonzalez AIFD, Cathy Grim AIFD, Ikuko Hashimoto AIFD, Sharon Petelle Kantor AIFD, Patti Klawans AIFD, Claire Ortloff AIFD, and Ann Peckham AIFD.  OUTSTANDING JOB LADIES!!!. The inspiration for the program was the controversial designs of Alexander McQueen. These pics are courtesy of Flowers& Magazine, a well known and highly distributed industry magazine.

"Woodland Warrior" A reinterpretation of an Alexander McQueen original. This features over 8,000 artificial hypericum berries hand sewn into the fabric. 

"Autumnal Ruination"
This gown features groupings of artificial leaves, branches, and grasses.  It was even more vibrant in person onstage at the show, but the picture here shows more detail than what my camera could capture in a darkened stage show setting.
"Petals & Plastic"
More than 12,000 white plastic cable ties (aka zip ties) in three sizes were used to create this dress.  It was AMAZING in person because the texture was so unique, the color almost opalescent.  It featured a train that I would estimate to be over 8' long.  On the bodice and hat are magnolia and gerbera petals.  Interesting to note, all of the dresses were heavy, this one at over 40lbs! 
"Life Cycle"
A combination of ferns, succulents, mosses; this was probably the most "wearable" of the dresses.  The water lettuce skirt mimicked the multiple layered dresses that are so fashionable right now.  I loved the texture of the hat, although I was not in love with the shape.  However, I can certainly appreciate and applaud the amount of work and labor these very talented designers poured into their creations!
"Birds of a Feather"
This was one of my favorites.  Actually it was hard to pick a favorite, but this one dress triggered an immediate reaction.  Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds".  And I mean that in a good way.  It was one of the first horror movies I ever watched, and even though it is a classic, it is still creepy.  If Tim Burton did a remake, I imagine the movie poster would resemble this dress.  The feathers and fabric were awesome.  The birds in this dress are actually supported on a back brace, similar to what the show girls of Vegas wear to support those huge headdresses.  The bodice is constructed with the underside of magnolia leaves.
"Mechanical Meringue"
This is the little black dress redesigned.  Over a thousand nuts and bolts were used to create the sequin effect.  See the gears spiraling out from the dress? Plastic toy gears spray painted!  Love it!

"Crown of Horns"
This dress features a back brace for the antler headdress, (yes those are REAL antlers) and to contrast, softer materials of lace, goat fur, spanish moss and ginger petals. 
"Insect Awakening"
For all you butterfly lovers out there-this dress literally moved.  It bounced and fluttered all the way down the runway.  The movement of the butterflies on the ends of the midollino stems was perfect. 
"Spanish Lace"
Each of the "tendrils" you see are handmade from aluminium flat wire in copper, gold, red and brown.  Each and every single swirl by hand. I loved the panel in the back of yellow cymbidium orchid petals which are also the bodice of the dress.  Very feminine and pretty!
"Hortensia's Addiction"
Hydrangea. Lots and lots of Hyrangea. Voluminous layers of it. This dress was BIG and beautiful.

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