Monday, July 15, 2013

Passion- Las Vegas, Part 2

"Tool Belt Diva" was one of the programs presented at Symposium by Cindy Anderson AIFD, CFD, PFCI.  It was a great program incorporating all the interesting materials you find every day at your orange, blue or red home improvement store. She took commonplace materials and created fabulous designs :
These are wooden shims or similar wood product It produced a really cool texture and color scheme

an acrylic base with copper tubing

This is a type of drainage pipe, secured with cable ties (!) really cool lines and use of materials

Can anyone guess what this arch is made of? You might be surprised....
 it's window screening!!!! I'm stealing this idea Cindy! (Thank you!!!)
 Clear Acrylic panels create table top centerpieces that have height but are still transparent to table guests. 
I had the opportunity to talk with Cindy's husband who assisted with this part which was awesome because I have being trying to construct my own mannequins off and on with difficulty.  He was able to give me some ideas on how to overcome some of the issues so hopefully I will be adding "people" to the window displays in the near future.

 Cindy is very creative and shows a lot of dedication in the detailing of her work.  This faux chrysanthemum flower is made up entirely of florist flat aluminum wire.
A rosette with a decorative accent in the center.
PVC pipe with LED lights accented in the end of some of the pipes.  Very cool wall panel.
There were a few more designs I didn't post because the pictures came out a little fuzzy.  I am still learning the ins and outs of photography from my great photography friend  Julie Napear and battling low light in the gallery ball room where the designs were located post program. 


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